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There are many situations that may require legal support in family law matters. Whether it's the separation of de facto spouses, divorce, child custody issues or youth protection, our team has the expertise to offer you personalized support specific to your situation.

We emphasize that amicable conflict resolution is at the heart of our practice, whether through mediation, negotiation or any other form of collaborative law. We firmly believe that it is preferable to settle a case whenever possible, in order to minimize the impact that litigation can have on family members, especially children.


Our lawyers have the skills and expertise to advise you and manage your dispute with rigor and professionalism. During this difficult period, we offer you attentive support while ensuring high-quality representation.

There are many aspects of divorce to consider: division of family assets, liquidation of matrimonial property, alimony, child custody and support, and much more. Our lawyers will be at your side to help you effectively manage all the legal aspects of your separation.

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Common-law spouses

Many couples in Quebec choose to live in a de facto union rather than marry. Our firm has the expertise to advise you on the legal aspects of this type of union. We have pleaded before the courts on several occasions in cases involving de facto spouses, contributing to the evolution of Quebec law in this field.

Whether you're dealing with the division of undivided co-ownership assets, unjust enrichment claims, child custody or the drafting of cohabitation contracts, a lawyer from our office can give you the straight goods and represent your interests with rigor and professionalism.

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Asset sharing & financial analysis

Separation or divorce can give rise to a complex process of dividing up various family assets. With our extensive experience in complex financial arrangements, including bank accounts, investments, joint-stock companies and trusts, our firm can provide you with rigorous, personalized support. We also benefit from an extensive network of experienced professionals with whom we work to ensure that all facets of property division are analyzed and handled according to your needs.

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Children's interests are at the heart of the concerns raised by a separation or divorce. Our team will give you the facts about your situation under the current law, and explain the various avenues open to you. Whether through negotiations or representation in court, our lawyers will represent your interests while keeping your children's best interests at heart.

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Whether you're divorcing and seeking spousal support, or separating and seeking child support, our lawyers are committed to informing you of your rights and protecting them. Whether it's making the necessary calculations to give you a clear picture of the situation, or proposing creative solutions, our team will guide you through every step of the alimony process.

We can also represent you effectively and decisively, whether in negotiations or in court to settle your support dispute.

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Representation on appeal

On several occasions, our firm has taken over trial cases from other firms and argued them on appeal. We have won many favorable decisions for our clients before the Court of Appeal. Please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate the appeal possibilities for your case.

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Second Opinion

Would you like a second opinion on your case? Our firm offers a consultation service that gives you another perspective and suggestions based on our expertise in family law. The lawyers on our team are able to draw up a complete picture of your situation and provide you with detailed information on the consequences and implications of the various stages of your current case.

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Jurisconsult's certificate

Family law is not impervious to globalization. With international relocations becoming more and more frequent, the jurisdictions of various states are frequently involved in the same dispute.

To this end, we offer the service of a jurisconsult's certificate in Quebec law. We can provide you with a legal opinion on Quebec law, giving you the current state of Quebec legislation, case law and doctrine on a point of law, or issue you a certificate proving the existence of a law applicable in Quebec.

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International file

Since the firm was founded in 1988, it has been involved in many international cases. Our lawyers have worked on cases involving the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and several Canadian provinces.

Our team can assist you with your case when it involves other jurisdictions, benefiting from solid expertise in such cases.

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Illicit transfer of children

Our firm has acted in international child abduction cases on numerous occasions in recent years. Whether it's an urgent situation or a case involving multiple trips, our team has the knowledge to support you throughout the process.

Pringle & Associés attorneys have represented clients in child abduction cases involving British Columbia, Ontario, France and the United States.

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Marriage contract

Getting ready to get married? Are you already married and looking to sign a prenuptial agreement? Our lawyers can advise you on your rights and obligations in this area, and help you draw up a marriage contract tailored to your needs and those of your spouse, in collaboration with a notary.

Having developed extensive expertise in wedding contracts, we will be able to propose creative solutions and prepare the contract in a way that is sensitive and attentive to the emotional aspect that such a process can engender.

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Youth protection

Our firm also devotes its practice to youth protection issues. Over the years, lawyers from our firm have been involved in cases involving the DPJ, and can represent your interests at hearings and trials before the Youth Division of the Court of Québec.

Whether you need guidance on a situation requiring the involvement of the DPJ, wish to respond to a summons to appear before the Chambre de la jeunesse, or require details on the state of Quebec youth law, don't hesitate to contact us to request the services of a member of our team.

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Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Mediation and amicable settlement are at the heart of our practice. We understand the impact of litigation, and we do everything we can to help our clients reach a complete settlement that respects their rights, so that they can turn the page and put a difficult period behind them.

Our team can offer creative negotiation solutions tailored to each case. Whether through a Settlement Conference, assisted mediation or a lawyer-to-lawyer negotiation process, we will find a method of resolving your case that takes into account the unique elements of your case.

Suzanne H. Pringle, Alexis Ibgui, Rita Daou and Érika Chagnon-Monarque can also act as mediators in your case. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties agree to settle some or all of the legal consequences of their separation, including child custody, support or property division, with the help of an independent third party, the mediator.

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